How to choose the right watches for the suit

How to choose the right watches for the suit

The suit is the ultimate standard for testing men’s handsome. Wear handsome man is really handsome guy. The suit is suitable for men to distribute the charm of mature charm, and choose the appropriate watch is to show their taste of the finishing touch. So, to show handsome, men wear a suit to wear watches need to pay attention to what?
Whether you are wearing a common suit, or expensive Armani suit; whether you are a suit to sell insurance sales products, or dress at the banquet banquet business occasions, wearing a suit must get a few points:

Wear suitable suit

On the daily wear, the most suitable for business occasions, the suit is behind the double slits style. Fit behind the double slits style can see the waist line, so was thin.

The length of the trousers is also pay attention to, if pushed too many pleats, both seem not enough spirit and free and easy, will be significantly shorter. So, the trousers are best to choose the half-fold, quarter-fold and pleated length.


In the cuffs of this small place to spend the mind, in raising his hand between the foot, you can look at the image of your high-grade atmosphere. Strictly speaking, with suits suit, shirt sleeves should be longer than the suit sleeve 1-2 cm, increase the visual sense of hierarchy. Again, choose a suitable watch can instantly enhance the degree of taste and charm. How to choose the right replica OMEGA watch?

Simple disk, case design

How to choose the right watches for the suit

Clean and neat dial than the dazzling complex function watch, more suitable for your identity, but also make people left a deep impression. While the two-pin, three-pin, white dial the best. Select the basic waterproof and date function on it, the function of the watch is not suitable for important occasions under the dress with, especially the timing section.

Belt, round dial the most secure

In formal occasions, the lawful round case is the most secure models, will appear to be rational and modest. Second, you can choose barrel-shaped or square round, it is not stereotype is not boring, giving an active trend of the image. Strap preferred cortex, followed by strip. Compared to blunt metal strap, texture of the crocodile belt, just with your pants belt and shoes fit, increase the noble and refined temperament.

Choose a thin watch more decent

Compared with a large function keys and eye-catching scale bezel watch, choose a simple and thin style will appear generous and not so cumbersome, more suitable for business occasions. In a formal elegant place or business negotiation occasions, as little as possible to wear gold pure gold watch, after all, there is a show off to show off their suspects. If you really like gold, then choose the rose gold.

Formal dress more pay attention to harmony, suit wrist watch should follow the simple does not violate, conservative and not messy principle. Of course, as an important player of men, wearing a suit wearing a watch to attend important occasions, should watch all exposed and stuck in the cuff edge to show you taste, charm unlimited business men image.

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