How to buy watch brand, make your watch more meaningful

How to buy watch brand, make your watch more meaningful

A recent chat with friends spoke of one of his distressing things. He said that a year ago, Father bought Panerai as a birthday present for himself and always wears it. However, colleagues wearing a DW, Apple Watch was onlookers, someone bought a piece of replica Longines watches, colleagues will see that they will say so beautiful ah! Too tasteful! Anyway, all kinds of praise. Panerai himself wearing more than a year, in addition to watch experts can recognize, in real life, few people in real life and he said this Panerai good.

From the experience of this friend let me think of this problem, it should be a lot of people have doubts. I bought a replica luxury watches, but others do not recognize it, where is the meaning of wearing a watch? Below we will answer doubts from several aspects.

Chooes watches must be someone else to recognize it?

First ask you why you want to wear a watch, if you say I wear a watch is to tell people around the world, I have money, then there is no way. Then you choose Rolex certainly right, because people all over the world know Rolex watches, basically can say that people of any class can recognize the gold Rolex watches.
How to buy watch brand, make your watch more meaningful

However, if you wear a watch is to express their attitude towards life and life, then choose a unique style, outstanding personality of the watch more to show their unique taste. You do not have to inflame some mediocre aesthetic. And brand awareness is proportional to the quality of the brand, some things are real, you do not know does not mean does not exist, may only your vision has not yet reached this realm.

“The truth is often in the hands of a few people.” Does the watch we wear needs most people’s knowledge, or is it worn by a very small number of particularly outstanding people wearing a very unique and tasteful style watch? It is enough that friends are not many, and it is enough to have friends and relatives who are really good to you. So you wear a watch is also a reason, many people know your watch, but no one can say why, so what is the point?

Meet the circle of livelihood or reward their own heart?

Perhaps more young men will still wear clothing to show their masculine charm, so the selection of tables or bias is more familiar to the public watch, of course, partly because the male competition has not yet completed, you need to use to show their status ” life how “, this state is more to cater to their own circle of life. The middle-aged men tend to prefer to use the watches to express their own personality and taste, by the way to show their financial ability and reward yourself.

However, in fact, no matter what age felt that as long as you pay attention to detail, dress up clean, confident neither overbearing nor servile, no one at any time you underestimate you. So watch not necessarily how expensive, suitable for themselves, just like myself is the best, but also to show their style and self-confidence out.

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