5 Characteristics Of The Modern Marketing Leader

Marketing is one of the most demanding careers today. It is the only profession where hard work and action don’t always translate to better results. Nevertheless, marketing professionals possess another set of skills and mindset that help them bring out the best in every marketing campaign, hence higher chances of success. Discussed below are 5 […]

It Is High Time You Developed Video Brand Guidelines For Your Business

Creating video content for your brand is not that easy as you may think. With more and more people taking an interest in videos when researching companies and their products, businesses are now keen on creating their promotion content in-house. The material does address both internal and external communications. With the videos, companies can engage […]

The Importance Of Video Brand Guidelines For Your Business

Creating video brand material has never been simpler. Many firms opt to utilise a combination of different videos in their internal communication materials and external marketing material, including videos created in-house, content from professional video production firms and customer-generated video content. There is no doubt that video content can be an effective marketing tool for […]