Bench Watches

Bench watches are a British brand of wristwatch whose designs reflect a cool, urban style popular with rock bands, skateboarders and the urban scene.

Bench started as a clothing manufacturer that sold to the BMX and skateboarding crowd in the late 1980’s but as the company’s popularity grew, they broadened their product offerings to included watches.

Bench was named coolest street wear brand in 2008.

Bench Watches – Rugged Urban Style

The Bench watch style is defined by a rugged urban look, the bands are typically of wide leather or stainless steel links. Watch faces are boldly geometric, many with the Bench name confidently displayed on the watch face. Colors are muted with brown, black or white contrasting with the metal case. Designs are eye catching, stylish and hip.

Moderately priced, Bench watches for men and women range from £20 to £100