Looking at 7 Things You Must Do When You Visit Borneo

There’s no denying the many awesome benefits that come with travel and if you are going to be visiting the magical destination of Borneo then make sure the following seven experiences are absolutely on your list!

#1 Go Swim with the Turtles (Sipadan)
If you have never been close to the truly giant sea turtles like the large Hawksbill Turtle, then you’ve really missed out on a unique and humbling experience! Sipadan Island of Borneo is a tiny island of 40 acres home to undisturbed forests and these incredible giant turtles.

In addition to this you’ll see large groups of curious snappers or batfish, coral, groupers, and a diverse and active underwater ecosystem that is home to thousands of fish species. In other words, there’s no shortage of thing to see.

#2: Mount Kinabalu – UNESCO Approved!
Malaysia is just a stone’s throw away and if you’re going to visit there then you should definitely check out Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain between the Himalayas and New Guinea. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and feature a remarkable array of accessible and well-maintained paths.

This high altitude jungle is home to a wide array of unique orchid flowers, mammals, and birds that can’t be found elsewhere and the sheer difference in the variety of life there is amazing. From frogs as small as a fingernail to large orangutans, the paths that let you explore this area make it easy to get a lot out of the experience.

#3: Make Sure to Head Up River
The Kinabatangan River heads right through the deepest interior of Borneo and offers an excellent way to experience one of the most unique areas left in the world. Pygmy Elephants, the smallest elephants in all of Asia, live here, as do giant lizards, crocodiles, large families of monkeys and even tribesmen who still live in a traditional style in the jungle. Add in healthy populations of local birds and you’re not going to have any shortage of sights to look at while exploring the river.

#4: Visit the Caves (While Exploring Kinabatangan River)
The Gomantong Caves are a common and popular side stop with this strip. These are caves located under some spectacular limestone hills famous throughout the area, these caves are actually a cave system of at least 19 known caves although there is only one that is currently open to the public. However, this is a natural cave experience which for some will be a bit overwhelming as it’s not the clean curated experiences of a local tourist destination but an actual look into an unexplored and altered cave system.

#5: Plenty of Spicy Dishes
While you might not think of food at first glance while looking at Borneo, there’s plenty of opportunity to try out an amazing array of spicy and interesting dishes. Borneo is an area with three major cuisine influences: Chinese, Indian, and Malay, which leads to a variety of different tastes, flavors, and spices. Add in the fact that locals take advantage of the natural ingredients and spices from the local rain forest and if you’re a fan of spicy foods, this gives you a unique opportunity.

The basic staples of food are fresh local veggies, noodles, rice, and of course, fish. Mix these together in various combinations with spices, soup broth, and more, and you have plenty of outstanding options for when it comes to getting a delicious, spicy, and tasty dish that is an experience in and of itself. Some basic recommendations: look at Sabah and Hinava for a nice blend of flavors and spices.

#6: Rainforest Music Festival
The Sarawak Cultural Village is not only an amazing place to visit during normal trips as it really shows the culture and everyday life of local tribes, but it is also the home of the world famous 3-day Rainforest Music Festival. Drawing international crowds of up to 24,000 people, this is a special event that you’ve got to check out if you’re a fan.

This festival is over 20 years old and still brings in quality performers from around the world who perform on stage with local indigenous musicians. There’s a lot that happens here with workshops, shows, classes, dancing, and more. This is a festival worth participating in.

#7: Get A Local Tour
Ask around for advice on what the locals recommend seeing or doing. No one is going to know the area like the locals and getting a local tour of favorite spots is a great way to see Borneo the way that locals most appreciate it.

4 Ways To Prevent A Data Breach In Your Company

Data security plays a crucial role in the running of a business. This is one of the reasons companies today are willing to pay top dollar to ensure their data is safe. With crippling data breaches on the rise, it would be wise to take the necessary measures to keep hackers and other malicious people out. An excellent example of companies affected by a cyberattack is Careem; the data breach affected more than 14million users in Dubai. Although no company is immune to some of these attacks, taking the appropriate measures to safeguard company data and network security would go a long way in keeping you in business. Outlined below are 4 cost-effective ways to protect your company data.

1. Introduce Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

According to Kaspersky, a global cybersecurity company, most cybercriminals will target employees with the intent of penetrating the business network. This is because the company employees have access to the company systems and computers. For this reason, company managers should introduce a system whereby only authorised employees can access certain forms of data. Anyone that wishes to access sensitive data will, therefore, have to seek permission from superiors.

The RBAC (Role-based access control) provides an effective method of determining who can access what data in the company. Access to such information is controlled and monitored. This means only authorised persons will access such data, with the system taking logs of everything the person does on the data or computer. The system also allows you to restrict data access based on clearance and levels in the business. The best thing with this type of solution is that it requires very little maintenance and keeps your data safe from prying eyes. You can also have an RVAC system created based on your company’s specific needs and clearance. The first step to ensuring data security in the company is by password protecting every software, app, and even hardware that each employee uses.

2. Consider Remote Server Monitoring
Server downtimes can be costly to the business. Although you might have an in-house IT team monitoring the servers, most incidents happen when you least expect them. One of the best ways to prevent, and even resolve a server downtime is by having the servers monitored remotely and in real-time. This way, any issues with the server will be resolved and addressed remotely to avoid farther downtimes. Although an in-house IT team might be good at their job, using the services of a Managed IT services provider (MSP) ensures your servers are monitored closely all day, every day. With server monitoring delegated to the service provider, the IT staff can focus on more important tasks to help keep the systems secure and updated. Some of the best MSPs in the industry receive immediate notifications if an attempt is made on the server, and respond appropriately to the same.

3. Make Regular Data Backups and Recovery
Installing firewalls and other security measures aren’t enough to keep your company data safe. You need to ensure the data will be secure in the event of a natural disaster, power outage, server crash, a deliberate attack, and even a human error by conducting regular data backups. Data backups offer data continuity should the worst happen, hence a buffer between the company and such disasters. Here are a few strategies to consider to safeguard the company data.

a. Plan and test responses to the various known types of failures and breaches
b. Have the database environment configured for backup and recovery
c. Create a backup schedule
d. Ensure the backup and recovery environment is monitored at all times
e. Troubleshoot any backup issues
f. Recovering from a data loss
While your team might be capable of handling all these, having a dedicated team of specialists take care of the regular backups remotely, or via an automated system would be a wiser idea. Regular data backups help keep your data safe and up-to-date.

4. Consider Endpoint and Edge Protection Software
Endpoint protection software provides an extra layer of protection by preventing accidental data breaches by blocking access to malicious and unsecured web pages. This software is meant to protect laptops, desktops, servers, smartphones, and other connected devices from malicious scripts and codes. Edge protection software, on the other hand, helps block unwanted content, and especially unsolicited emails and websites from getting through to your network and other systems. The software disables and filters these sites and emails automatically thus eliminating the risk of an employee clicking on a phishing link.

10 Best Stag-Do And Hen-Party Destinations In Spain

Scores of brides and bridegrooms to be travel to Europe for an adventure of their life before tying the knot. Identifying and settling for the best place to go to (in Europe) is one of the hardest things many best men and chief bridesmaids have to do. If looking for just the perfect place for hen parties and stag do’s, Spain is one of the best places to consider. Here are some of the top stag and hen do destinations in Spain.

1. Barcelona
Barcelona is the second-largest city in Spain and one of the leading tourist destinations for many couples to be. Many believe that the Mediterranean setting of the town is what makes it a top destination. Nevertheless, the hens would have lots of fun in various beauty parlours and boutiques in the city while the stags can head to Camp Nou for a thrilling Barca football game.

2. Benidorm
Benidorm is home to dozens of beaches in Costa Blanca were both the stags and hens can enjoy a swim during the day. There are also tons of bars and clubs where stags and the hens can let loose on the last night of their unmarried freedom. It would be advisable to spend the time here in a Benidorm holiday apartment for the best experience and thrill.

3. Ibiza
Ibiza is the home of Balearics and one of the places you have to visit while in Spain. You can choose to start with the brightly-lit San Antonio down to Ibiza Old Town with dimmed-down lights. There are also numerous resorts to visit here if looking forward to a more intimate trip. Ibiza makes it possible to watch the sun go down in the arms of your other half as you sip a cocktail.

4. Madrid
Madrid is the capital city of Spain that thrives well as a 24-hour economy. It is also known as the city that never sleeps, though you can get plenty of siestas if you wish to. You’ll be amazed at the various attractions that the city has to offer, and especially the lively nightlife here.

5. Benalmadena
If all you wish for is sun and sand, then Benalmadena has these and more at your disposal. Located in the Costa del Sol, you’ll be able to enjoy a game of football on the sandy beaches. You can later on head to Plaza Solymar and the Marina to have a drink with your buddies in one or two of the many restaurants and bars here.

6. Gran Canaria
If looking for younger crowds to mingle and have fun with, Puerto Rico resort is where you want to go to for a night of your life. Nightlife here is full of life with South’s Playa del Ingles and the old world La Vagueta offering excellent options for both stag dos and hen parties.

7. Seville
Seville is the one place you should visit if looking to try various traditional cuisines, unforgettable cultural experiences, and even be wowed by the different historical architectural sights. You can enjoy your drink as you try out many snacks that the locals here have to offer. Visit Triana for authentic flamenco show as you stay in the ideally located servile apartments.

8. San Sebastian
Travelling through all the cities in Spain can be tiring for many. If looking to relax and spend some time basking in the sun, try the tasty Donostia, or even get a massage, then San Sebastian is where you need to go. There are also numerous beaches and spas here ranging from Playa de La Concha, La Perla spa, etc. There are also plenty of places to stay here too.

9. Mallorca
Whether looking to splash the money or spend on a budget, you’ll find Palma de Mallorca and Magaluf appealing. Beach clubs in Mallorca, however, have a more expensive touch and price, while those in Magaluf are friendly to your wallet. You could, however, choose to experience both of the worlds as well. This is a chance of a lifetime you don’t want to miss.

10. Tenerife
Tenerife is one of the top destinations for those looking for more relaxed scenes and experiences. Try out the university town La laguna in the north and capital Santa Cruz if you wish to relax. You could also head to the south to Los Cristiano’s and Las Americas which are livelier than the northern parts of the island. You never have to worry about a hotel here, as there are plenty of rental apartments at your disposal.

Why The Elderly Need to Go Outside

For most seniors, the frigid temperatures aren’t something they are fond of and usually prefer to stay indoors during winter. However, the rest of the seasons more often than not, present great opportunities for the elderly to enjoy the outdoors. Even though it can be hard for seniors to go outside, especially for those with disabilities, there are numerous reasons that caregivers need to take them outdoors whenever possible. In this read, we are going to take a look at a few.

Get a Dose of Vitamin D

Over 40% of individuals in the united states do not get adequate Vitamin D for an array of reasons. However, getting exposed to sunlight is known to increase its levels. That is because the skin manufactures Vitamin D by utilizing cholesterol in the cells. Adequate Vitamin D is imperative as it helps prevent cancer, depression, and osteoporosis.

Increased Physical Activity

For most individuals, going outside boosts physical activity. It is natural to have the urge to walk around, see trees and animals and enjoy green sceneries. Similar to young individuals, the elderly also enjoy taking a walk around the block or in the park when the weather is friendly. Seniors may ideally be interested in growing their own vegetables or flowers, which can be an excellent form of exercise. We all know that being physically active has numerous health benefits.

Mental Health Boost

If your aging loved one suffers from depression or seems a bit down, going outside can help enhance their mood. Spending some time in nature has been shown to alleviate stress, reduce anger and even strengthen self-esteem.

More Chances to Socialize

Going outside also gives seniors the opportunity to see and converse with other individuals. Spending too much time alone can put the elderly at risk for isolation social wise, which only increases the risk of falling ill. As a matter of fact, studies show that Medicare costs tend to be an average of $1600 more per year for individuals suffering from social isolation. Not only that, but it increases the risk of dying.

Enhanced Joint Health

Individuals who have arthritis can ideally improve their health by walking. Exercise helps protect and rebuild the joints that have been affected by osteoarthritis. Ideally, walking builds up the leg muscles, allowing them to support the legs better. Not to forget the fact that walking contributes to weight loss and thus reducing the stress put on joints.

Senior care can help your aging loved one go outside more. A senior care provider can walk with them to ascertain they do not trip on uneven or dangerous surfaces. If your senior relative is in a wheelchair, the carer can take them outdoors to busk for a while and also push them around the neighborhood to enjoy the sights and see other people.

What Is The Cost Of Running Electric Radiators?

One question that keeps coming up is, what is the cost of running an electric radiator in my home? In a perfect world, we might be able to provide an exact figure of the expected running expenses of heating equipment for every household, but in reality, it is impossible to do so. This is because various conditions will directly contribute to the final bill of your household’s electricity consumption. Some of these factors are outlined and discussed below:

What Factors Can Affect My Electricity Bill?

1. What is the size of the room that I intend to heat? Basically, the larger the size of the room, the higher the amount of energy needed and vice versa. Therefore, the size of the room or house will impact your final electricity bill.

2. What is the age of the house? Your old home may lack enough insulation to be energy efficient except if you have upgraded it.

3. What individual requirements do you have? Everyone has a unique set of preferences and different levels of comfort in regards to heating their house. Typically, the more individuals there are within a household, the higher the probability of using a larger amount of electricity within the home, since people may be in different rooms at any given instance.

4. How vulnerable is your house to natural conditions? When you are inside your house, you may feel invincible against the extreme winds, torrential rain and hail storms. But the extent of our home’s exposure to various elements can influence the extent of work performed by our radiators to ensure that our homes are warm enough. Terraced homes that have other houses on their sides are naturally inclined to preserve heat for longer periods, as they take advantage of an increased amount of residual heat. An isolated house that stands on its own, however, is exposed from all dimensions and therefore it will not be able to gain from residual heat. Particularly, this is the reality for north-facing homes which are very prone to stronger winds.

5. The season of the year: During the summer there are higher chances of consuming less electricity since the weather is usually warm.

Computing Your Electricity Bill

Considering all the factors discussed above, you can also perform a straightforward calculation to assist you to have a better understanding of the expected running expenses of an electric radiator in your home. This simple computation is:

(Radiator output (kW) x no hours used) x pence per kW hour = daily charge of a radiator (p)

It is vital to recognize that this formula does not consider daily variables, and should only be used to determine an estimated cost of the running expenses. Another consideration that will determine the amount of electricity you consume is how much time you spend in your home, as you will not be heating the house while at work, school or away on a vacation.

Do You Desire to Manage Your Heating?

If you are worried about increasing heating bills in your home, then you can manage your heating equipment remotely from another room or when running your errands, by fitting an intelligent hub WiFi gateway at £162.00. This application will allow you to set your radiator through an app which permits instantaneous adjustments. Besides, our radiators have inbuilt sensors which automatically notice when you leave an opened window, making sure that power is switched off to assist in slashing energy usage when it is not needed.

What Does The “Design Life” Of A Battery Really Mean?

There has always been a sea of confusion when it comes to the manufacturer’s warranty and the battery design life. In some instances, batteries have a design life of a number of years such as 10 or even 5 and these generally bring about a series of concerns. An important one being whether or not the battery actually lasts for the entire design life period as well as if it may need replacing sooner than expected. However, it’s essentially important that these two aren’t confused since they are pretty different.

When batteries are manufactured, their design life meets various parameters which are required to fall into the Eurobat Classification. Hence, the natural operating conditions are met and your newly purchased battery would last for the duration of the period in which it was intended. However, the service life of your product is highly dependent on the conditions of work that is may be subjected to.

The following are factors which affect the service life of a battery:
*Ambient Temperature – VRLA batteries are severely affected by this particular factor and there are both field and laboratory exercises which indicate the effects. In essence, if your battery is exposed to a 10 degree C rise, its life is down by half. This just simply means that if you have a product that lasts 10 years when subjected to a natural operating temperature of 20 degrees C, if your temperature rises to 30 degrees C, you will only be able to get 5 years of life when constantly used.

However, in the case of temperature fluctuation, the overall life is determined based on the time average of the temperature fluctuation. VRLA batteries are known to experience failure when they do not meet the design specifications suggested by the manufacturer.

*Float Charge Ripple – If your battery is constantly experiencing excessive rippling on the DC supply, this significantly reduces the performance and life of your battery. In this case, regulating the voltage across the entire system is needed. However, this is done when your battery is not connected and under steady state conditions; these are typically +/- 1% through a 5% to a 100% load.

Excursions such as transient and others are easily accommodated if your battery isn’t connected while the load is and the regulation limits easily fall within the range of +/- 2.5% of the suggested amount. However, you should always ensure that your flowing current is never reversed for discharging when the battery is subjected to float conditions.

*Float Stabilisation Ripple – When your load demands are completely out of phase with your rectifier capabilities and your battery is being used as a stabiliser, this particular ripple form arises. A series of static UPS systems have also been known to behave in this way as a form of shallow cycling. Under these conditions, the natural characteristics don’t apply and your manufacturer should have given a desired set of conditions for optimum use.

*Deep Discharge – The low voltage disconnected features should only be used when various equipment is connected. However, due to various safety concerns, the maximum performance typically precludes the lower voltage discharge feature. In some instances, this is necessary for replacing your battery after discharge occurs.

*Failed Batteries – If you’ve failed to replace your service battery at the time of discovery, there’s a high possibility that you’re going to put more stress on an entire string of batteries. This just simply means that your string of batteries is possibly receiving either an undercharge or an overcharge from your UPS. The long-term effects of this is definitely a shorter service life.

In conclusion, there are several environmental factors which go beyond both manufacturer and user control. Hence, the degradation rate of your battery as well as the design life is simply an indication of how long the battery can actually last. It’s best to keep in mind that you can expect a service life longer than suggested but due to the constant fluctuation, the true life and design life experienced are generally never the same.

How to Get Your Glass to Look Much Cleaner

Trying to get your mirrors and windows to look clean and stay clean is such a challenging task. You have likely used assorted products in the past to remove dirt from the glass only to notice some streaks on both the mirrors and the windows. Although the task may take time and cause a lot of frustration for you, there are simple ways to get your glass to look a lot cleaner while preventing streaks from appearing.

Start at the top of the Glass

When you want to avoid streaks while cleaning, you should start at the very top and then work your down to the bottom of the glass with your cloth. The cleanser that you are applying to the glass may drip down a bit, but that is not a problem because you are working from the top. Even if something drips down, you will get to it while you are on your way down to the bottom of the glass.

Take Advantage of Cloudier Days

Many people wash their windows on a sunnier day. They believe they are doing the right thing because the sun is out and it makes it that much easier for them to make sure they are getting every spot of dirt off. However, cleaning windows on days when the sun shines bright could work against you. The sun could cause the cleanser to dry before you have had enough time to wipe it all down and that means you would end up with streaks, spots, and marks from the cleanser. It is better to wash those windows when the clouds are out.

Select the Right Tools

Using the right tools to clean the glass can make such a difference. Although you can use a cloth, it is far better to use a squeegee. Instead of going over the glass multiple times to remove all the dirt and cleanser, you can wipe your glass down from the top to the bottom with a squeegee that will leave the glass looking shiny and polished.

Use Some Cotton Balls

If you notice dirt in the corners of the glass, the best way to get it out is to soak a few cotton balls in the cleaning solution that you would normally use and then gently dab those corners before you even get started on the rest of the glass. Using cotton balls is the easiest way for you to get the dirt out of those difficult areas.

Wipe the Glass Down with a T-Shirt

When you do not have a squeegee available to use and you want the glass to look good, you should wipe it down with a t-shirt that you are not planning to use anymore. The cotton material is free of lint and will work perfectly to wipe away dirt without leaving streaks and other marks on the glass. It is the perfect money-saving solution for those that do not have squeegees.

Make Your Own Cleaning Solution

Instead of purchasing a cleaning solution from the store, you can make one with ingredients that you have at home. Combine equal parts of water and rubbing alcohol together and then add a tablespoon of vinegar into the mix. Place these ingredients into a spray bottle, apply a generous amount to the glass, and then wipe it down with your cleaning tools.

Clean with Newspaper

It might sound like a silly solution to cleaning the glass, but you can use newspaper to wipe it down and remove stains from windows and mirrors. You should be aware of the ink that will likely get on your hands from the newspaper. If you would like to keep your hands clean while you work on the windows and mirrors, put on a pair of rubber gloves before you get started. You will be shocked to see how well the newspaper works to help with the cleaning process.

If you try these different techniques, you can clean get your glass to look much cleaner.

Tips And Tricks To Make Your Glass Sparkling Clean

Cleaning your windows can be quite a conundrum. It will take time before you actually clean without leaving streaks. You might spend a lot of time wiping and spraying only to be left with dirtier windows than when you started. However, if you are using the right tools and cleaning methods, it is way easier to get your windows clean. Here are some of the best window cleaning tools and methods to consider.

1. Start Cleaning From Top To Bottom

If you really want to remove all those streaks from your windows, you need to start cleaning from the top to the bottom. Note that, while cleaning, the cleaning solution will drip. Therefore, take advantage of this effect of gravity and let the cleaning solution drip to the areas you haven’t cleaned yet. Working from the top going to the bottom makes it easier for the solution to drip downwards.

2. Wash When It’s Not Too Sunny Outside

You might think that washing your windows when it’s sunny outside is the best way to go. However, the sun is likely going to dry the cleaning solution faster thus leaving residue. Well, you can avoid all those streaks by washing your windows when it’s a bit cloudy. That way, the cleaning solution will remain there until you wipe it away with clean water.

3. Use A Squeegee To Clean

It might appear like a simple tool but it’s the best choice to clean your glass surfaces. When you wipe the windows the first time with a piece of cloth, it will not remove the whole cleaning solution. If you are forced to re-wipe the glass, you are definitely going to have streaks. Well, you can avoid all that by using a squeegee. It’s the best way to polish each part of the window. Even better, you can use it on your shower glass doors and windows for the best results.

4. Use Cotton Swabs To Clean The Corners

No matter how thorough you have been when cleaning, you might have some build up at the corners. You might have a hard time to clean out that residue unless you have the right tools. You can use cotton swabs to clean those nooks and crannies. It’s the perfect size to reach those corners and clean effortlessly.

5. Use An Old T-shirt

Do you have an old t-shirt? Well, it’s the best choice for cleaning glass because there is no lint residue? They are absorbent enough to clean and polish your windows effortlessly. Even better, you can save a lot of money on paper towels. Also, using your old t-shirts for cleaning purposes is good for the environment.

6. Use A Homemade Window Cleaner

Homemade cleaning solutions always do a good job. Even better, they are more economical and don’t contain weird chemicals. You can create your own window cleaner by mixing 1 cup of rubbing alcohol, 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 1 cup of water. Mixing white vinegar and isopropyl alcohol makes an evaporating spray for cleaning your glass and mirrors. It’s actually much better than commercial brands. You can also use this cleaner to clean hard tiles, chrome and any other surfaces.

7. Use Newspapers

A newspaper is also a great way of polishing your glass surfaces. It works well but you might be against getting newsprint on your hands. When the newspaper gets wet, it will not hold up well and that’s a huge disadvantage. However, if you don’t love cleaning your windows with cloth and towels, you can try doing it with a newspaper. You can also use gloves when cleaning with the newspaper to avoid further issues.

8. Avoid Woodwork

Many glass and window cleansing solutions can cause a lot of damage to the framed wooden part of the windows and mirrors. When cleaning, you need to avoid any drips to these surfaces by placing a small cloth on the windowsill or wood to absorb the falling drips. Don’t spray too much cleaner at once to avoid such damage.

6 Tips To Help You Ace The HGV Licence Test

If you are thinking of becoming professionally licenced as a driver of heavy goods vehicles, you have probably been poring the web on how the qualifications you need and the tests you need to take to get a licence. By now, you probably know that you will need to get a lot of training and pass multiple tests before acquiring a Driver CPC or Class 2 Licence. To get a licence to operate these vehicles, you have to take and pass both the theory and practical tests. In past posts, we have offered tips on how you can pass the theory part of the HGV licence test. In this post, we will feature some useful tips on how you can pass the practical HGV licence test.

1. Stay Up to Date on Basic HGV Driving Skills

When training to be a driver, you definitely received in-depth training on how to operate heavy goods vehicles. Though you may think you remember all the skills imparted by trainers, it is easy to forget some critical basic things over time. Prior to taking the practical test, it would be best if you brushed up on all the basic training you received. For example, remind yourself on the things you should do before operating the vehicle such as adjusting all the mirrors and checking all vehicle controls. Though these things may seem insignificant to you, your tester can get a good impression of you if you do all things by the book.

2. Rest Well Before the Test

It is very easy to make mistakes during a test if you do not have optimal physical and mental health. For example, if you are hungry or tired, your chances of making mistakes usually increases exponentially. In the days leading up to the test, ensure that you are following a healthy diet. Further, on the night before the test, sleep for at least 8 hours so that you are refreshed and ready to tackle all the obstacles that will be thrown your way.

3. Ensure You Are Dressed Comfortably

When being trained as a driver, you were no doubt informed on the most appropriate types of clothing that a driver should wear. To ensure that you are not distracted by uncomfortable clothing, ensure that you wear the right of clothes. You may gain some points if the tester notices that you are wearing clean and appropriate driving attire.

4. Ensure You Are Not Distracted During the Test

One of the major cause of accidents on the roads happens to be distracted drivers. During the test, you can ensure that you are more focused by leaving behind any materials that can distract you. For example, ensure that you turn off your phone and leave behind any electronic gadgets. If you are focused, you will be able to concentrate and give the test your best effort.

5. Prepare for The Test in Advance

Like all other aspects and situations in life, you are best positioned to succeed in the HGV licence test if you have adequately prepared for it. As such, it is best to brush up on the highway code and also read all materials that may give you an edge in the test. It is also best to visit the test area so that you can understand the lay of the land and know what to expect in advance. By familiarising yourself with what may be come up on the test, you can shake off any nervousness and shore up your chances of success in the test.

6. Practice All Manoeuvres Which May Be Tested

When it comes to any type of test, practice makes perfect. Through practicing, you will be more confident when asked to perform different tasks by the examiner. Ensure that you practice on how to reverse, accelerate and park the vehicle. Additionally, it is advisable that you practice in different environments so that you are ready for any situation and scenario on the actual test day.

Taking the HGV licence test can be a nerve-wracking affair that requires you to muster all the skills you have received during training. At our HGV Training Centre, we work towards imparting all the requisite skills and advice that you need to ace your tests and get your licence. To know more on how we can make your dream of acquiring the HGV licence a reality, get in touch with our team today.

10 Tips You Can Follow To Improve Your Online Business Marketing

This article will discuss ten tips that you can implement to improve how you market your business.

1. Does your website address have the symbol of a padlock next to the page address? If it does not, it means that you do not have a security certificate and as such, google can penalize your site by making it appear lower in the search results. You can get a security certificate for your website by getting in touch with your internet service provider. This certificate costs between £50-£100.

2. In this age, you should ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Most businesses have made their sites easy to access on handheld gadgets and you should do the same. Consult your web developer if you want to make your web page more mobile-friendly. To know if your web page can be used easily on handheld devices, you can go to https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly.

3. Does your enterprise have a Facebook page and if does, is it verified? Pages that are verified are considered to be more authentic by prospective customers. If you want to get your page verified, you can go to https://www.facebook.com/help/100168986860974. If your enterprise does not already have a page on Facebook, you are missing out on the myriad benefits of online marketing.

4. Are your business contacts (email, phone number, address etc.) presented in the same way across multiple online platforms? This may sound insignificant but Google bots like seeing details on the same business presented consistently across the web. Google your business and check your contact details. If there are any updates needed, make them.

5. Ensure that you complete all the platforms your business uses for digital marketing thoroughly. It is common to only fill out partial information at first and leave the rest of the details for later but most people end up forgetting to update their profiles. Check out all your online marketing profiles such as Twitter and LinkedIn and fill out any details you may have left out.

6. To keep up with the latest trends in the market, ensure that you get information on your competitors and industry delivered to your inbox regularly. You can do this using the Google Alerts Service.

7. Ensure that you stay updated on the latest GDPR laws. This is the only way you can know how they affect your business and industry. You can find sensible guidance and tips from posts from the ICO on https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/.

8. You can ensure that you stand out when prospective customers search for the services you are offering on Google. To do this, you can use Google My Business tools to make the requisite changes on your profile, receive reviews from customers and post useful content to your page. To take advantage of these tools, visit https://www.google.com/business/.

9. Half of the content on the internet is accessed through mobile devices. The speed of your business website can affect the ranking that you are given by Google. Consider taking a mobile speed test to understand your site speed so that you make plans on how to improve your site performance. To do this, go to https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/en-gb/feature/testmysite.

10. Constantly engage your clients. You can do this by constantly providing content that adds value to your clients. Find some time and discuss the success of your business. When doing this, focus on the value that your business provides as opposed to how the value is achieved. Additionally, do not be afraid to ask people to give glowing reviews on multiple web platforms.