DKNY Watches

DKNY is a very fashionable company founded in 1989 in New York by Donna Karan.

Ironically, the first DKNY store opened in London. DKNY sells a number of different articles of clothing and personal accessories. Her ambition for this clothing line is combining comfort and luxury, it’s unique style is loved by everyone around the world.

DKNY have things for work and play; they’re friendly and know fashion. They are the heart of New York city, bringing enthusiasm and energy to give people what they’re looking for.

One of the big DKNY items are watches for both men and women. DKNY watches are made with precious metals, with a New York City style in mind.

There are a variety of prices for these watches, ranging from £75 to over £400

DKNY became a publicly-traded venture that was bought by a French Luxury Corporation.