Timex Watches

During the nineteenth century, a place known as the “Switzerland of America” was home to the Waterbury Clock manufacturer. Waterbury made modest shelf and mantel clocks.

Timex: Takes a Lickin’ and Keeps on Tickin’

It was here, in Connecticutt’s Naugatuck Valley, the history of Timex begins. In the 1880’s, the first low cost pocketwatch was developed by Waterbury Watch, a sister company of Waterbury Clock. These watches sold faster than any other in the world.

Robert H. Ingersoll and Brothers manufactured wristwatches which became quite popular during World War I. In 1949 Timex wristwatches were coming off the assembly line.

The prices of the watches were kept moderate. With this and the dependability of the watches, the company soared. Today Timex watches are popular as collector items. They are still known for their low cost and dependability.

Timex now produces the Ironman, Time Expedition watches, as well as ladies and men’s from the fancy to the plain.