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There are many different watch brands on the market, this site is to guide these brands from where they go, the latest trends.

The first machine-made watch was produced in the mid 1800, and the watch market changed a lot! Of course the watch was originally designed as a time-keeping device, but has developed into a status symbol-a sign of wealth and affluence. The current estimate is that the international market for luxury watches is worth more than 20 billion pounds ($ 30 billion) a year.

According to a recent study, Rolex has reached nearly 50% of the Global Luxury Watch market (followed by Swatch/omega and Louis Vuitton/tag Heur). As the watch is considered to be a status symbol in the rich world, demand has risen for the so-called "new Rich", which has a six-digit watch (watch price at £ 100,000 or more). The largest areas of growth are in the eastern and Gulf regions.

Because of the market share of Rolex, it is also the most frequently copied brand, if you buy Rolex watch, please pay attention to the Rolex replicas.

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