The Cost Of Triple Glazing

It costs more to manufacture triple glazed sealed units compared to double glazed ones since there is an additional chamber that needs to be filled with argon gas, an extra spacer bar, an additional pane of toughened glass, and higher transport expenses due to size and weight. Compared to double-glazing, this works out to a basic additional square metre cost of about £100 per square metre. That means an average 1220mm (4ft) square window contains about 1 sq-m glass. That would add about £100 to the cost of an average-sized double glazed window.

How much does a triple glazed window cost?

Although we have an extensive window range and a number of different material choices and systems, we will focus on our white standard UPVC window system that has a few openings in the double glazing. For this system, the installed value, which includes VAT, would be about £465 (correct as of July 2019) and the equivalent triple glazed system would be about £565, or about 22% higher.

Triple glazing and heat-loss via windows

Houses in the UK tend to lose as much as 20% of heat via the windows. Therefore, if you are planning to change your windows, fitting them with the best-insulated product is the best thing to do. You would need to weigh the savings on your heating bills with the additional expense of triple glazing since the payback time definitely will not be over-night. One of our customers said that want to live as comfortably as possible, and that is why they feel that the right product for them is triple glazing. Of course, the ultimate decision is yours to make.

Triple glazing benefits

Installing triple glazing inside your home does offer some important benefits. The main one is heat insulation. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all triple glazing is the same. Numerous triple-glazed systems are available. However, in order to receive the maximum benefit from them, there needs to be 16mm gaps in between the panes of glass and be filled with argon or another inert gas. Heat loss via the panes is reduced by argon gas. Reducing the gap will also reduce the thermal performance of your sealed unit unless an expensive gas such as krypton is used. Therefore the optimum size for a triple glazed seal unit is 4mm glass with 16mm gaps. In the glazing industry, it is referred to as a 4/16/4/16/4 unit, which is 44mm in total. If the u-values (or heat loss) of the glass is compared, there is big difference between a 28mm double glazed unit and 44mm triple unit. A double glazed unit has a typical centre pane u-value of 1.1, while the triple unit is 0.62, which is a more than 40% improvement.

Energy Rating of Triple Glazing

You can select a window based on the number of panes of glass it has. However, you first should check its WER (Window Energy Rating). That is a more reliable way to predict how thermally efficient a window will be after it has been installed. WER is the standard method used in the UK to calculate the amount of heat that will be lost via a window.

The following is taken into account by WER:

Air loss through a window
U-value calculates how thermally efficient a whole window is, using the frame material as well as the glass.
The amount of heat from the sun passing through the glass that warms up your house. Triple glazing in most cases does not increase the amount of solar gain compared to double glazing, however, a well-insulated window does retain heat well, but not enough to increase solar gain.

Summary of triple glazing cost

Triple glazing is more expensive double glazing. According to our calculations discussed above, it is 22% or more. However, those are only KJM’s cost. In general, if we were to compare a ‘national’ glazing company, they are normally a lot cheaper for both triple and double glazed windows. Some of the larger companies might offer a ‘free upgrade’ to get triple glazing. However, what is the starting point on the ‘base’ product? If the starting price is doubled, then a 50% discount will bring it down to a realistic starting point! Keeping that in mind, it is always worth it to seek another quotation.

Why Honey Is Good For You Or Bad

There are many people that have sweet tooths. They love the taste of sweets but they also know how bad they are for them. If they eat too many sweets, they know that their health will suffer and they will also gain a lot of weight. for some people, they find that honey takes the place of sugar so that they are still able to have a sweet taste without getting all of the bad effects.

How Honey Is Made

Bees go from flower to flower and accumulate the nectar. They take it and put it into honeycombs. The process of removing the honey from the wax-like combs is called beekeeping. Then, the honey is made for people to purchase.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Honey?

There are several ways that honey is good for people. The taste alone is what people love honey for but they will also benefit from it in many ways. They need to remember that if it is taken too much, it can also have bad effects on health and cause weight gain. That is why ingesting honey in moderation will give these benefits to a person:

1. Heart Health – Honey can help to keep the heart pumping well. It is also used to fight off cancer and other diseases because it is an anti-oxidant. This is exceptionally beneficial for people that are health conscious and want to stay in shape as best as they can.

2. Healing Wounds – Having honey in a person’s diet will allow their wounds to heal in a quicker way. People like to also like to use it when it’s mixed with lotion for added help for skin ailments.

3. Immune System – A person’s immune system will be improved when they use honey in place of sugar. It works wonders when someone has a cold. Honey boosts the immune system to keep a person as healthy as possible. During the cold and flu season, people will put honey in their tea to allow them to feel a lot better when they are suffering from sicknesses.

There are all different kinds of honey that people can choose from. Some of them are orange blossom, sage, clover, alfalfa, buckwheat, and there are even more. Here are some of the ways that people are using honey on a regular basis in their diet:

1. Sauces – They put the honey into their sauces for all different types of meals. It provides a way to get a sweet and sour taste to the dish. Many people love this and they also are happy with the health benefits that they are receiving.

2. Sweetener – By putting honey in their beverages and in their food, people are still able to get a sweet taste by using honey. They also like to add it to their cereal in the morning and as a spread for a sandwich.

3. Toppings – When a person uses honey as a topping for a dessert, they get a great taste without the bad health effects. They can put it on ice cream and use it in dessert recipes on a regular basis.

Having honey in one’s life is good for them as long as they use it in moderation. They don’t want to use honey too much because they will end up gaining weight and this won’t be good for them in the long run. Since they need to make sure that they are able to stay as healthy as possible and in good shape, they love that honey can be in their life to take the place of sugar.

Minimizing Structure Borne Sound

We are detecting sounds all the time in everything around us. Even when we think we are surrounded by absolute silence, there is still plenty happening in the background that is simply below the volume level a human ear can properly detect.

Sounds are actually small variations in pressure and travels in sound waves that can be carried through gasses, liquids or solids. These sound waves ripple into the ears and are then amplified and converted into an electrical signal that can be interpreted in the brain to something we recognize or understand.

Sound is measured in decibels and is one of the primary senses that allow humans and other animals to navigate our surroundings. While there is so much pleasure derived from hearing, it can also be overloaded to the point of discomfort and even pain. Noise pollution is a problem in our modern era and taking the time to control noise levels in the places we work and live is essential to mental and physical health.

What is Structure Borne Sound?

A sound will become a “structure borne sound” when its transmission medium is a solid structure. Unlike many sounds that are conveyed directly through the air, structure borne sounds will travel the steel, concrete and wooden structural elements of a building.

Some structure borne sounds include the footsteps of your neighbor upstairs or the pounding of doors being slammed shut. Each of these noises represents vibrations transmitted through the structures of the floors and walls and are being scattered throughout the building.

Understanding the Five Processes of Structure Borne Sound

There are five processes that go into the generation and transmission of structure borne sound:

1. Generation – the original source of the oscillation.

2. Transmission – begins when oscillatory energy is transferred from the source to the structure of the building.

3. Propagation – describes the mechanism essential to scattering energy through the building.

4. Attenuation – as the sound waves move through solid materials their vibrations are reflected off their ends and this dampens their energy and diminishes sound.

5. Radiation – after the sound has passed through the solid material it will be emitted again as air borne sound or more structurally borne sound.

Why is Structure Borne Sound Important?

The primary cause for disputes among neighbors and a considerable cause of discomfort and wellness in everyday life is unwanted disturbing levels of noise. Considering this, it is important to minimize the risks of structurally borne sound when designing and renovating commercial and domestic buildings.

To this end, the government has issued the Building Regulations Approved Document E ‘Resistance that lays out the minimum standards for sound dampening insulation for the interior and exterior of the building. These guidelines do not apply just for homes, but also schools and offices. These precise criteria have been set in place to reduce the noise produced and transmitted throughout buildings.

How is Structure Borne Sound Measured?

Impact sounds transmission must be measured on site and uses a steel-faced tapping instrument that strikes the surface being measured. In the adjacent space the sound will be received and measured in decibels. This is not completely accurate, because it does not consider the huge variety of noises that could be deployed through the structure.

Therefore, several plans to reduce structure borne sound must be applied.

Methods to Reduce Structure Borne Sound

The way to hamper structural borne sound is to dampen the vibrations transmitted from the source of the noise. Here are some ways that this can be accomplished:

• Carpets and padding – sure your wooden and laminate floors look beautiful, but they also carry sounds from impacts easily. Laying out some carpets will help to dampen the noise.

• Resilient underlay – These are typically made of a rigid fiberglass, but there are many options made from rubber or foam. The idea will work the same way to carpets or padding.

• Soundproofing compounds – these soundproofing compounds are installed between rigid structures to minimize the passage of sound.

• Create a gap – another good way to reduce structure borne sound is to create a space between solid structures. This can be done by adding a secondary structure such as a raised floor or a suspended ceiling. These help to break the immediate contact and reduce the sound to and from neighboring spaces. High mass structures will often include structural gaps and off set spaces to accomplish this.

• Install anti vibration solutions – you can also install anti-vibration mounts, like sound clips and structural hangers that also reduce noise transmission.

The Importance For Kids To Discover Their Sense Of Adventure

Kids do not like to be bored. It makes them feel edgy and they can become a problem for many parents, especially when school is out for the summer. Since parents are always looking for new and better ways to keep their children occupied during the times that they aren’t in school, they may need some suggestions from time to time.

Kids Love Adventure

Since children are born adventurers that love to learn and keep busy, they are naturally inclined to get bored when school is out. That is why they need to have interesting ways to stay engaged during the summer months. Parents might need some suggestions that will assist them in allowing their kids to relax from the formal times of schooling and also have a lot of fun. Here are three suggestions that they can use to help during the summer months:

1. Change It Up For Them – Kids like to look forward to new and interesting things. Doing the same thing every day can become a tad boring for them. A parent can switch things around, like going to a different pool or going on a trip to see something that they never saw before. Kids are happy with little things that mean a lot. Even going to a different place to get ice cream is special for kids and parents can utilize those times for special family interaction too. A great way to do something different is to have the children write down something that they might want to do while they are off of school. Picking a different all the time will help to change it up.

2. No Computers – The use of computers has taken children away from being with peers that are their own age. They should be out with others at the park or various places where they can play. Learning how to get along with other children is a big part of growing up. This will make them better able to get through a variety of situations all through their lives when they learn how to do this in a better way. Parents can try and make sure that there are some days that there are not any computers, cell phones, games, and tv as part of the fun. This can make all the difference in the world.

3. Stay Positive – Parents want to stay positive so that they can be a good role model for their children. Even though it is difficult to keep up with all of the responsibilities that they may have, they do want to show their children how to best handle situations. Kids learn by what they see and when a parent handles all types of situations correctly, their kids likely will be able to also. Parents want to show them how to have fun responsibly so that they look forward to adventures and learning everything that they can. When their parent is around to help them to see the proper way to do things, they will have even more knowledge than they did before.

Using the ideas above can assist parents when their children are not in school. The kids love to spend time with their parents because they are important to them. It’s a good idea to have them interested and happy so that they look forward to lots of new adventures in life. This will allow them to become interesting and well-adjusted adults. It’s always a good sign that kids have a great childhood while they can before they start to have to take on the more important responsibilities when they are older.

How Architecture Shapes Our Cities – And Our Lives

A Community That Designs Its Own Buildings Is More Likely to Be Healthy and Happy
The Darwinian Theory states that animals are attracted by the settings they do well in. In the same way, human beings are attracted to habitats that strike a balance between refuge and information. While we cannot fly, swim or smell, we are very good at gliding through information.

As human beings, we like finding out more about any new environmental information. We love mysterious and complex settings. Even though orderly layouts such as American streets can be navigated easily, we like streets that curve out of sight and give us a hint of what lies beyond.

We love those environments that arouse our curiosity and at the same time satiate such environments. An environment that is easy to form a cognitive map of and survey is defined as “legible”. The ability to see distance, known as prospect is part of this legibility. For an environment to be legible, it should have elements that make easy for us to find our way. Such elements can be things such as clumps of trees in the African savannahs of our origin.

We like those landscapes that balance legibility with coherence, complexity and mystery. These fractal patterns are very important as they help us understand the wellbeing in buildings including the cascading domes of Hindu temples, detailing of window frames and configuration of the streets in London.

The complexity of our bodies and minds is the origin of vernacular structures and settlements. This is because our neurological processes show fractal properties. The biology of our lungs and cells also show fractal properties. Buildings used to evolve in an organic way using natural materials like stone and wood. During this time, there was a slow growth of places and roads used to follow the contour of the land.

However, this is no longer the case in the 21st century where most of our spaces don’t promote creativity, community and wellbeing. What can we do to recreate a world that we would like to be defined by?

According to Alastair Parvin (who co-founded WikiHouse, an open-source platform that specializes in design and construction of affordable homes), what is widely regarded as a bad design is not really bad. It is a good design meant for a different set of economic outcomes, producing real estate.

If you would like to create something that will meet human needs, involve people in the process of creating their homes, workspaces and streets by giving them tools to co-create. Doing this makes people feel a greater sense of pride, community and agency. This quality is called “collective efficacy” and is a quality to strive for when creating an environment. Communities with high rates of collective efficacy are less likely to do vandalism, litter their environment or engage in violent and criminal activities.

Some of the examples that show us the importance of high efficacy include Bristol’s street artists, Detroit’s urban farmers and Chilean “half-houses. The places we have mentioned are healthy and vibrant because of high efficacy. If we want to build a resilient future, we have to actively participate in shaping our environments.

Architecture Is What Shapes Both Our Lives And Our Cities

Communities that go about designing their very own buildings have better chances of enjoying health and happiness.

Darwinian theory suggests that any animal species is going to be attracted to the kinds of settings where they flourish. For the human species, this would mean a habitat offering an ideal balance between refuge and information. We don’t smell very well. We don’t even swim that well, compared to other animals, and we can only fly with technology. However, we are able to easily slide through waves and waves of information. This particular superpower might define us more than anything. When we detect a hint of new environmental information, we’re as alert as bloodhounds.

We prefer spaces that are almost flirtatious with us, spaces that are complicated settings with an alluring yet mysterious air about them. Many American cities have street grids that are orderly and easily navigated, and yet we love streets which curve out of our sight, making us wonder and even lust for what is over the horizon. We prefer environments that invigorate our curiosity, but they also need to eventually satiate it too.

We consider an environment as ‘legible’ if we can survey it easily, forming our own cognitive map of what’s around us. The ability to see things in the distance is known as ‘prospect’, and it’s an important part to all of this. In order for something to be legible, there have to be components to it that help us navigate, much like clumps of trees dotting the savannahs of Africa where we all come from.

The landscapes that we as humans tend to love most have specific balances, where complexity is equalled by coherence, and mystery offset by legibility. Natural scenes get interpreted with a fractal geometry, which offers its own contrast of complexity versus order. It’s these same fractal patterns that hold the secret to comprehending how healthy structures are, be it window frames and their detailing, Hindu temples with their cascading domes, or how the streets of London are configured.

Fractal properties show up in human neurological processes, as well as the very biology of lungs and physical cells, so it’s no wonder that this kind of form wound up reflected in human settlements and structures. Historically, buildings evolved organically, built with natural materials like stone or wood. Places tended to grow quite slowly. Roads naturally followed the contours of the surrounding land.

However, the hectic pace and massive scale of 21st-century life has bulldozed over this. So many of our daily spaces don’t support creativity, community, or health. So, how do we recreate a world that we would like to be defined by? Alastair Parvin is a co-founder of WikiHouse, which is an open-source platform dedicated to the design and construction of affordable housing. He claims that what most individuals might consider bad design isn’t actually bad design. They’re good designs, but not for consumers or residents, but instead for the production of real estate.

In order to come up with things that are more suitable to human needs, people should have the tools to collectively create their own streets, work-spaces, and homes. People that get to create and then nurture their very own environments feel more pride, belonging, and ownership. This collective efficacy results in lower rates of crime, vandalism, and litter.

It’s seen in the creative ‘half-houses’ of Chile, the urban farmers of Detroit, and the street artists of Bristol. These are places which resonate with vigour.

Five Great Reasons to Upgrade a Flight

When you choose to fly Club World you elevate your journey and make it extra special before you even land at the destination. Here are five things that make upgrading a flight well worth it.

1 – Flavourful Food

The food served by airlines has a bad reputation, and those who complain have valid reasons to do so. Aircraft galleys are not fully equipped kitchens and the food tends to be rather bland out of necessity. Airlines are fighting a difficult battle, too, because our sense of taste and smell is altered by the combination of low humidity, high altitudes, and the recirculated air on the plane. Of course, not everything about the aeroplane dining experience is caused by being in the air, and it is possible to make a nice meal.

When you choose a Club World upgrade, you get to look forward to three-course meals with each dish made out of seasonal produce that was locally sourced. Each course is elegantly presented so you can, for a moment, forget that you’re dining on a plane.

If you have food intolerances or follow a special diet, then you can state that on your booking and enjoy a vegan, gluten-free or otherwise dietary compliant dish.

Choose from a selection of desserts, starters, cheese plates and other dishes to suit your tastes. The glassware and china are stylish and modern and the table settings have been improved too. All London Heathrow and London Gatwick routes feature these luxurious improvements.

2 – Be at Home In the Air

The Club Kitchen is a special space offered by BA for passengers to help themselves to whatever they fancy. Enjoy retro sweets, Cadbury’s chocolates and branded crisps, as well as fresh fruit, salads and sandwiches. Whether you want a healthy snack or something more indulgent, there are options available for you.

There are plenty of nice drinks, too, including Twinings teas and infusions as well as traditional English Breakfasts and Earl Grey teas, peppermint infusions and green teas. Coffee lovers can enjoy a new blend produced by Union Hand-Roasted Coffee.

3 – Special Wines

They say that wine is like good poetry, and the wine experts at British Airways aim to live up to that with a stunning wine list of both Old and New World wines. If you’re a fan of other beverages you can enjoy the list of Champagne, premium-brand spirits and mixers, and more. The selection include Glenlivet Master Distiller’s Reserve Whisky, Tanqueray Gin, Fever Tree tonic, Ciroc vodka, and more.

4 – Sweet Dreams

When you fly in coach, sleeping is almost impossible. British Airways want to make Club World a better place to rest your head. The seat lays flat to become a comfortable bed, and you are provided with bedding, too. The White Company provides the quilted mattress topper, a full-sized luxury pillow, and a duvet, as well as a soft and gorgeous blanket so that you can curl up and get a good night’s sleep. The bed linen is 200-thread-count cotton that is crisp and comfortable, and everything supplied is hypoallergenic so you can be confident that you will enjoy a cosy and comfortable flight, whether you opt to stay sat up or snuggle up in your temporary bed. Comfort comes first when you fly with Club World.

5 – Sophisticated and Yet Relaxed

It’s the little finishing touches that make the difference. The lighting in the Club World cabin is kept at a relatively low level so that passengers can relax and sleep. The goal of the cabin crew is to be polite and attentive, yet not invasive, so the crew will note individual preferences at the start of the flight, and adapt the service to match your needs.

If you don’t want to sleep on the flight, you can use the personal flat-screen display to watch a film or some TV with our comfortable noise-canceling headphones, listen to music and audio books, or even play games.

Bathroom Renovation On A Budget

Renovating your bathroom for a fresh new look need not cost a fortune, especially if you do some research and plan ahead.

Cutting Costs

As labour costs are a significant part of any renovation project, start by looking at ways to reduce this cost. One way to save on labour is to leave your sanitary ware and WC in the same positions to save the cost of relocating the plumbing. You can still update the look of your bathroom by replacing the pieces themselves with new modern versions.

Update the Look with Tiles

Tiling is a simple way of uplifting your outdated walls and floors. Tiles are not only durable and easy to keep clean; they are also perfect for bathrooms that are prone to humidity and mould problems.
Try out a few samples to help you choose the best colour and design for your new bathroom look before placing a large order. This will avoid costly reorders if you change your mind.


A good way to control costs is to do the tiling yourself. There are plenty of ways to get help in the form of online tutorials or self-help guides. Make use of resources closer to home by popping into your local DIY store for advice on the best tiles, grouts, and tools to use. This advice comes from the head of marketing and Online at Topps Tiles, Sian O-Neill.

Tiling halfway up the wall to where water comes into contact with the surface will require fewer tiles which will result in a significant cost saving. In addition, it has the added advantage of applying a personal touch by using a different colour to paint the wall area above. It also allows you an easy way to change the mood and look of your bathroom in the future by simply repainting above the tiles.

High End, Low Cost

Thanks to their hardwearing properties, subtle style, and beauty, natural stone tiles are a timeless choice for bathroom trends. However, because they are naturally porous, they are not really suitable for use in areas such as bathrooms that are exposed to water on a regular basis. They can also be quite an expensive option.

Mosaic tiles are more affordable and will add colour and interest to any bathroom. A few sheets of mosaic tiles can go a long way easy to work with as they can be cut into strips for borders or to create interesting focal-point features. Using patterns is a great way to add interest to bathrooms on a budget.

Use Wall Panelling to Save Time

If the thought of having your life disrupted for days while putting up tiles does not appeal to you, wall panelling is a good option. You can install wall panelling directly to a wall or over existing tiles and they are 100% waterproof.

Instant Revamping with a Lick of Paint

A fresh coat of paint is all that is needed to achieve a big transformation at a very low cost. Just ensure that the paint you choose is designed for use in damp and warm conditions. Dulux Bathroom+ is a good option.

For maximum change and great impact, choose a colour that will make an instant statement. The Dulux Visualiser app is a handy tool that you can download for free to help visualise what a colour will look like on your walls in real-time. You can also use the app to order testers to try out before making a final decision.

Invest Now, Save Later

Investing in the best quality products for your bathroom makeover will make good financial sense in the future. This is especially true when it comes to brass-ware. Not only is brassware good to look at and a pleasure to use, but it will also last a lot longer than other cheaper alternatives.
When choosing brassware, make sure that the brand and style you choose will work well with your water supply to ensure enough pressure so that you will get more than just a trickle when you turn on the tap.

Shower, Bath or Both?

If you are keen to save space and money, consider investing in a combination shower-bath instead of two separate units. If you prefer the space and convenience of an enclosed shower, slender frames and low profile shower trays are now available as standard fare.

More Money Savers

The use of shower valves will allow you to control the temperature and flow of the water coming from the showerhead. They can either be left exposed with visible pipework or concealed behind the wall with only the handles and control plate on display. Exposed shower valves may not give your bathroom a sleek look, however, they are easier and cheaper to install as it doesn’t need pipework to be chased into a wall. They are also much easier to access if repairs are ever needed.
Another option is to install an electric shower instead of a mixer unit.

Pocket-Friendly Vinyl Flooring

Fortunately, the average size of a British bathroom is quite small so it should not cost a fortune for flooring, especially if you choose a budget-friendly covering such as vinyl. To keep the initial cost low, look for the sheet variety that is easier to install than tiles. Vinyl is incredibly durable but the sheet variety can be difficult to repair. If your bathroom endures very high traffic, luxury vinyl tiles will be a better option as they are easy to replace when damage occurs. They are incredibly hard-wearing, fully water-resistant, easy to install and come in realistic stone or wood-effect designs. Luxury vinyl tiles are more expensive than the sheet version, but they will definitely enhance the aesthetic look of your bathroom.

Laminate is another good option for bathroom flooring. In the past homeowners often had to sacrifice style for affordability, however, advanced printing technology means that anyone can use affordable laminate designs that look just like natural materials such as wood and stone they are able to imitate.

A Guide To Bathrooms On A Budget

Contrary to popular belief, renovating your bathroom does not need to cost a fortune – particularly if you plan ahead of time.

Labour costs are an important part of bathroom renovation, so it is recommended you look at how you could reduce this. A simple tip is to keep all sanitaryware and the WC in the same location but updating them individually. This way, you will not need to pay for a relocation of the plumbing system.

#1: Updating The Tiles

One of the best methods to give life to an outdated area is by setting new tiles. Tiles are low maintenance and durable, so they are ideal for any room prone to humidity. It is recommended that you try out the tiles before placing any large orders. This ensures the tiles chosen will complement the bathroom and helps to avoid any reorders.

#2: The DIY Option

Another method used to control costs is by doing it yourself. One way to add ‘personality’ to the room is by tiling the wall halfway up and then paint the rest of the area above the tiling. This requires fewer tiles for renovation and offers you the chance to change the colour scheme in the bathroom.

The DIY option is ideal because you can take on the project yourself avoiding labour costs. Many self-help resources are available either in book form or online tutorials. Be sure to make use of resources that are closer to home. According to the head of marketing and online at Topps Tiles, Sian O’Neill, it is best to head to a local tile store for tools, tiles, grouts and advice.

#3: The High End, Low Cost Option

One of the most elegant bathroom tile options is the natural stone tiles. The hardwearing and subtle style properties make them a practical and aesthetically pleasing choice. Unfortunately, natural stone tiles can be costly and are not suitable for rooms exposed to water. This is due to their naturally porous surface.

A way to add colour and interest in the bathroom is by using mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles are cost-effective, and a few sheets can go a long way. The tiles can be cut easily into strips to form focal-point features or borders.

Patterned tiles are another way of adding personality to a room without breaking the bank.

#4: Saving Time With Wall Panelling

If you are not keen on the idea of bathroom disruption when putting up tiles, it may be worthwhile considering wall panelling. This is completely waterproof and can be installed independently directly over current tiles.

#5: A Touch Of Paint

For large renovations at little cost, it is recommended you add a fresh coat of coloured paint. You must ensure that the paint chosen can withstand both damp and warm conditions, such as the Dulux Bathroom paint.

People do not spend much time in the bathroom, so it might be best to choose paint that make an immediate statement. Use the free Dulux visualiser app to see which colours would look best on the bathroom walls in real time. You can also order testers using the app so you can try the paint before making a commitment.

#6: Investing Now And Saving Later

Investing in high-quality products is good from a financial perspective, especially when dealing with brassware. Brassware is not only easy to use, but it lasts much longer than any cheaper alternatives. Remember, you must always choose the brassware to work with the water supply ensuring you get more than a single trickle of water when turning the tap on.

#7: Bath, Shower Or Both?

If you are interested in saving space, as well as reducing the cost of separate baths and showers, it may be worthwhile to look at a shower-bath. If you prefer the shower enclosure, low profile shower trays or slender frames are available at a standard rate.

#8: More Money Saving Alternatives

A shower valve allows a person to control the flow of water spewing from the showerhead, as well as setting the temperature. The valves can be concealed behind the bathroom wall with only the handles and control plate on display, or it can be exposed to fit with a specific theme. Exposed valves are visible within the shower closure and are not as sleek as the hidden option. However, exposed valves are easier to install because no pipework needs to be placed with the wall. It is also much easier to repair when the valve become clogged or damaged. You may consider an electric shower instead of a mixer one to reduce costs.

#9: The Pocket-Friendly Vinyl Flooring

The majority of bathrooms in the United Kingdom are small, so replacing flooring should not be too expensive. This is particularly true if you choose an affordable flooring, such as vinyl.

If you want to reduce initial costs, it is recommended that you choose the sheet variety. It is also easy to install and highly durable. Unfortunately, this variety can be challenging to repair, so using luxury vinyl tiles would be better if the bathroom is a high traffic area. Tiles are more costly than sheets, but they offer stone-effect or wood designs and are very durable. They are also easier to replace when damaged.

Shapewear Topic Overview – Important Questions Answered

There are many reasons why a woman will choose shapewear. If it is your first time to wear shapewear, it is normal to have a few questions. The first thing to determine, however, is what kind of wearer are you. For example, do you wear them on special occasions only? Or maybe you wear it with a special wardrobe design? Or for you, it is a matter of everyday confidence? With body control shapewear, you can achieve your goals and boost your confidence.

In this short article, we are going to answer a few frequently asked questions about shapewear. This is intended to help you before you begin on your shapewear journey.

1. Is It Wise To Size Down For Maximum Impact?

NEVER SIZE DOWN! Shapewear is not designed to squeeze the body. As a matter of facts, shapewear is not all about unnecessarily squeezing the body. If you choose to wear a smaller size, shapewear does not make your body conform to that size; but, it will only lead to unwanted bumps and lumps. This will not shape the body but highlight your shapewear. In other words, your shapewear will be visible to others. A well-fitting tummy control brief does help form a natural shape to create a natural clear line. Therefore, when it comes to purchasing one, always be honest with yourself and choose shapewear that will keep you looking natural.

2. Should You Wear An Underwear Under The Shapewear?

This is not necessary. However, it is important to note that when you do this, you will create a visible line through the clothes. Shapewear is designed to minimise herms and seams, creating perfect discreet body support. Therefore, if you add a layer of normal underwear, the lines of the undergarment may affect the way your shape sits, making it more visible.

On the other hand, there is nothing to be afraid of having shapewear only. That is because they are made with soft, breathable fabrics. They are also designed with anti-bacterial properties, which makes them safe for your skin and delicate areas.

3. Can You Wear Shapewear Every day?

YES! Their design accommodates everyday use. All you have to do is simply look for medium control and comfortable piece for your everyday use. It is wise to ensure you buy enough shapewear. You can rely on high quality and well-fitted piece of shapewear for all day confidence and support. Because there are many different designs, it does not matter the design you choose; your daily shapewear must be comfortable to see you through the day.

4. Which Colour Should I Choose?

The truth is that this question is often a matter of personal preference. For example, if you want a bodysuit to use under a light coloured dress, you should consider a nude colour. On the other hand, there are those who simply prefer black coloured shapewear; and of course, they are great too. With the availability of different range of colours, you can choose a piece for every occasion at Elle Courbee.

5. Is Shapewear Harmful?

NO! shapewear is not supposed to be harmful. Gone are the days of Victorian Organ-Jumbling Corsets. All you have to remember is that you should choose the proper fit. Remember, if your shapewear is too tight, then it may be harmful. It may over-compress the stomach and disrupt circulation. For this reason, it is always wise to choose a well-sized control brief to avoid harming yourself.


There may be other questions you need answers to, regarding shapewear. Well, the good news is that Elle Courbee we deal with a lot of shapewear related topics, especially on our blog. For this reason, if you are looking for answers lingering in your brain, you will find them within our blog section. Also, you will get everything there is to know about these items there.