How to Get Your Glass to Look Much Cleaner

Trying to get your mirrors and windows to look clean and stay clean is such a challenging task. You have likely used assorted products in the past to remove dirt from the glass only to notice some streaks on both the mirrors and the windows. Although the task may take time and cause a lot of frustration for you, there are simple ways to get your glass to look a lot cleaner while preventing streaks from appearing.

Start at the Top of the Glass

When you want to avoid streaks while cleaning, you should start at the very top and then work your down to the bottom of the glass with your cloth. The cleanser that you are applying to the glass may drip down a bit, but that is not a problem because you are working from the top. Even if something drips down, you will get to it while you are on your way down to the bottom of the glass.

Take Advantage of Cloudier Days

Many people wash their windows on a sunnier day. They believe they are doing the right thing because the sun is out and it makes it that much easier for them to make sure they are getting every spot of dirt off. However, cleaning windows on days when the sun shines bright could work against you. The sun could cause the cleanser to dry before you have had enough time to wipe it all down and that means you would end up with streaks, spots, and marks from the cleanser. It is better to wash those windows when the clouds are out.

Select the Right Tools

Using the right tools to clean the glass can make such a difference. Although you can use a cloth, it is far better to use a squeegee. Instead of going over the glass multiple times to remove all the dirt and cleanser, you can wipe your glass down from the top to the bottom with a squeegee that will leave the glass looking shiny and polished.

Use Some Cotton Balls

If you notice dirt in the corners of the glass, the best way to get it out is to soak a few cotton balls in the cleaning solution that you would normally use and then gently dab those corners before you even get started on the rest of the glass. Using cotton balls is the easiest way for you to get the dirt out of those difficult areas.

Wipe the Glass Down with a T-Shirt

When you do not have a squeegee available to use and you want the glass to look good, you should wipe it down with a t-shirt that you are not planning to use anymore. The cotton material is free of lint and will work perfectly to wipe away dirt without leaving streaks and other marks on the glass. It is the perfect money-saving solution for those that do not have squeegees.

Make Your Own Cleaning Solution

Instead of purchasing a cleaning solution from the shops, you can make one with ingredients that you have at home. Combine equal parts of water and rubbing alcohol together and then add a tablespoon of vinegar into the mix. Place these ingredients into a spray bottle, apply a generous amount to the glass, and then wipe it down with your cleaning tools.

Clean with Newspaper

It might sound like a silly solution to cleaning the glass, but you can use newspaper to wipe it down and remove stains from windows and mirrors. You should be aware of the ink that will likely get on your hands from the newspaper. If you would like to keep your hands clean while you work on the windows and mirrors, put on a pair of rubber gloves before you get started. You will be shocked to see how well the newspaper works to help with the cleaning process.

If you try these different techniques, you can get your glass to look much cleaner. Professional companies can also help, with office floor cleaning and other services available.