Tips And Tricks To Make Your Glass Sparkling Clean

cleaning productsCleaning your windows can be quite a conundrum. It will take time before you actually clean without leaving streaks. You might spend a lot of time wiping and spraying only to be left with dirtier windows than when you started. However, if you are using the right tools and cleaning methods, it is way easier to get your windows clean. Here are some of the best window cleaning tools and methods to consider.

1. Start Cleaning From Top To Bottom

If you really want to remove all those streaks from your windows & your kitchen glass worktop, you need to start cleaning from the top to the bottom. Note that, while cleaning, the cleaning solution will drip. Therefore, take advantage of this effect of gravity and let the cleaning solution drip to the areas you haven’t cleaned yet. Working from the top going to the bottom makes it easier for the solution to drip downwards.

2. Wash When It’s Not Too Sunny Outside

  • You might think that washing your windows when it’s sunny outside is the best way to go. However, the sun is likely going to dry the cleaning solution faster thus leaving residue. Well, you can avoid all those streaks by washing your windows when it’s a bit cloudy. That way, the cleaning solution will remain there until you wipe it away with clean water.

3. Use A Squeegee To Clean

It might appear like a simple tool but it’s the best choice to clean your glass surfaces. When you wipe the windows the first time with a piece of cloth, it will not remove the whole cleaning solution. If you are forced to re-wipe the glass, you are definitely going to have streaks. Well, you can avoid all that by using a squeegee. It’s the best way to polish each part of the window. Even better, you can use it on your shower glass doors and windows for the best results.

4. Use Cotton Swabs To Clean The Corners

No matter how thorough you have been when cleaning, you might have some build up at the corners. You might have a hard time to clean out that residue unless you have the right tools. You can use cotton swabs to clean those nooks and crannies. It’s the perfect size to reach those corners and clean effortlessly.

5. Use An Old T-shirt

Do you have an old t-shirt? Well, it’s the best choice for cleaning glass because there is no lint residue? They are absorbent enough to clean and polish your windows effortlessly. Even better, you can save a lot of money on paper towels. Also, using your old t-shirts for cleaning purposes is good for the environment.

6. Use A Homemade Window Cleaner

Homemade cleaning solutions always do a good job. Even better, they are more economical and don’t contain weird chemicals. You can create your own window cleaner by mixing 1 cup of rubbing alcohol, 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 1 cup of water. Mixing white vinegar and isopropyl alcohol makes an evaporating spray for cleaning your glass and mirrors. It’s actually much better than commercial brands. You can also use this cleaner to clean hard tiles, chrome and any other surfaces.

7. Use Newspapers

A newspaper is also a great way of polishing your glass surfaces. It works well but you might be against getting newsprint on your hands. When the newspaper gets wet, it will not hold up well and that’s a huge disadvantage. However, if you don’t love cleaning your windows with cloth and towels, you can try doing it with a newspaper. You can also use gloves when cleaning with the newspaper to avoid further issues.

8. Avoid Woodwork

Many glass and window cleansing solutions can cause a lot of damage to the framed wooden part of the windows and mirrors. When cleaning, you need to avoid any drips to these surfaces by placing a small cloth on the windowsill or wood to absorb the falling drips. Don’t spray too much cleaner at once to avoid such damage.