How to Select the Best Bed for Your Dog

Even though dogs are typically seen as very active animals, they need to get good quality rest. If you are a dog parent, then you need to ensure that they get great sleep and are comfortable enough to do so. As a result, we will now look at a couple of tips that will help you to find a good dog bed.

Choosing the Bed

There are lots of different dog beds currently available to suit different dogs. If you pay attention to your furry friend, you’ll realise that they tend to fall asleep in many different positions. For example, some of them fall asleep when curled up, others on their back, stretched out, on their belly etc. Some will like sleeping on their own while others will enjoy company, and some dogs will need a specialist or luxury dog bed.


You should always be careful to select the right sized dog bed for your dog. You should check the size of your dog and the bed so that they can easily lay on it in any position. Even though a bed may be big enough for the dog to curl up on it, you also need to check whether they would be able to stretch their legs out comfortably as well.

Type of Dog Bed

In addition to different sizes, most dog beds come in various shapes and sizes. Some popular sizes include round, oval and square. The round and oval type beds that have a side are a good option for your dog to lie on and curl up. However, a mattress bed is excellent for dogs that enjoy lying flat. Every dog is different and will have different preferences, so it is best to allow them to check out the various options so they can choose one for themselves.

There are also box beds available that come with a side that are quite cosy for dogs. These types of beds offer a great deal of protection against draughts and can be wonderfully warm. Also, you need to consider the type of bed and the season since this same bed may not be suitable in the summer where your dog would be too warm in it.

Material and Care

Most dog beds are quite padded and made out of soft and comfortable materials. As a result, it should be relatively easy to wash them.

In the instance that you want to use the dog bed outside in the garden or even camping, then you should look for a bed with a stronger material. You should aim to get a water-resistant or waterproof bed since this can ensure the bed doesn’t get damp or wet in the outdoors.

Where to Put the Bed

It is best to put your new dog bed in a location that is comfortable and is draught-free. You can also give your dog a few options by placing one bed in a very quiet area of your home so that they can sleep completely undisturbed. You can also place another bed in a room where all your family tends to gather so that your dog can relax while being in the company of your family.

Luxury Beds

Every dog is different and you may have a dog that has special or very specific needs. We will now look at some of these needs:

  1. An older dog or a dog that has arthritis or other aches and joint issues will likely need to have an orthopaedic bed or one with memory foam. This bed should be relatively low so they can easily move onto or off of it.
  2. More shy dogs can benefit from an igloo bed so they can hide when needed.
  3. If you have many dogs, then you should ensure there is at least one bed for every dog. If your dogs like to cuddle together, then you could have another dog bed that is large enough to accommodate all of them comfortably.

Let Them Sleep

Lastly, when sleeping, no one likes to be disturbed. So, when your dog is in their bed and sleeping, make sure you don’t disturb them and ensure that the entire family, including children, know that they have to leave the dog alone while they are asleep. This will ensure your dog is happy and well-rested.