How To Succeed At Recruiting And Onboarding Remotely

2020 has been the year that so many changes occurred, the way of working and recruiting were certainly no exception to that. Close to all businesses needed to make the change to having either all or most of their employees working remotely. Despite the challenges that this brought along we have seen how a great number of companies met these challenges head-on and not only did they succeed but they kept recruiting and growing. That being said, an area that has been particularly difficult during the recruitment process in the middle of a pandemic has been that of onboarding and integrating new members of the team. We will take a closer look at this challenge and discuss some tips to help. If you are looking round for the best marketing recruitment agencies then look no further!

Remote Recruiting

We certainly need to accept that COVID has created new challenges when it comes to recruiting new employees and made the process harder, especially on a practical level. However, there is not a shortage of candidates that are both suitable and ready to fit into the team. Most business owners find it strange that they are not meeting with candidates face to face, however, recent years, in particular 2020, has made it feel more normal to both work remotely and to hold meetings virtually.

Recruiting remotely is really about changing your mindset and getting creative. This will enable you to recruit amazing candidates just like you did before the pandemic.

As an agency we believe that we should meet the candidates first before we present them as potential employees to the employer, hence we meet them virtually. Our video interviews empower us to know the candidate as individuals, not just how they look on a CV. We can then present you with the candidates that are the best match. We can also share the first interview with you which allows you to benefit from first impressions.

Not being able to meet a candidate face to face does not mean that you can’t recruit in a normal way. You can still hold initially short interviews, then more formal ones when you may ask them to prepare a presentation or complete a task.

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The Onboarding Stage

Providing Reassurance And Good Communication

It is always a nerve-wracking time when you start a new job, however, the current circumstances certainly make that even harder. When you have the role of a line manager or talent manager, you must give priority to good communication from the very start and provide new recruits with reassurance regarding the process.

A candidate of ours who recently secured a remote position shared the way that the new manager called them, then sent an email explaining how they can make contact anytime they needed to. When onboarding is happening remotely, it is crucial to provide such an open line of communication.

A Well Structured Welcome Program

Good structure is vital in all parts of running a business remotely and when it comes to new recruits it is absolutely vital. The welcome program needs to be clear and have a good structure. Don’t overwhelm new circuits with too much information, but do ensure they have what they need for their initial start. Important aspects would include a video call to introduce them to the team, an outline of their tasks, and the company’s culture presentation.

Keep In Touch

Staying in touch with new recruits will ensure that they don’t hesitate to call or email if they have a query or need help with a particular task. Of course, you don’t want to be overbearing at the same time. Let them see that you have trust in them and that you are not going to be checking up on them every two seconds. A call each day in the early stages is a good start, then you can start to make it less regular as they get settled into their position and you can see that things are going well.