10 Best Stag-Do And Hen-Party Destinations In Spain

Scores of brides and bridegrooms travel to Europe for an adventure of their lives before tying the knot. Identifying and settling for the best place to go to (in Europe) is one of the hardest things many best men and chief bridesmaids have to do. If you are looking for just the perfect place for hen parties and stag do’s, Spain is one of the best places to consider. Here are some of the top stag and hen do destinations in Spain, according to The Spain Event.

1. Barcelona

Barcelona is the second-largest city in Spain and one of the leading tourist destinations for many couples to be. Many believe that the Mediterranean setting of the town is what makes it a top destination. Nevertheless, the hens would have lots of fun in various beauty parlours and boutiques in the city while the stags can head to Camp Nou for a thrilling Barca football game.

2. Benidorm

Benidorm is home to dozens of beaches in Costa Blanca were both the stags and hens can enjoy a swim during the day. There are also tons of bars and clubs where stags and the hens can let loose on the last night of their unmarried freedom. It would be advisable to spend the time here in a Benidorm holiday apartment for the best experience and thrill.

3. Ibiza

Ibiza is the home of Balearics and one of the places you have to visit while in Spain. You can choose to start with the brightly-lit San Antonio down to Ibiza Old Town with dimmed-down lights. There are also numerous resorts to visit here if looking forward to a more intimate trip. Ibiza makes it possible to watch the sun go down in the arms of your other half as you sip a cocktail.

4. Madrid

Madrid is the capital city of Spain that thrives well as a 24-hour economy. It is also known as the city that never sleeps, though you can get plenty of siestas if you wish to. You’ll be amazed at the various attractions that the city has to offer, and especially the lively nightlife here.

5. Benalmadena

If all you wish for is sun and sand, then Benalmadena has these and more at your disposal. Located in the Costa del Sol, you’ll be able to enjoy a game of football on the sandy beaches. You can later on head to Plaza Solymar and the Marina to have a drink with your buddies in one or two of the many restaurants and bars here.

6. Gran Canaria

If you arelooking for younger crowds to mingle and have fun with, Puerto Rico resort is where you want to go to for a night of your life. Nightlife here is full of life with South’s Playa del Ingles and the old world La Vagueta offering excellent options for both stag dos and hen parties.

7. Seville

Seville is the one place you should visit if you are looking to try various traditional cuisines, unforgettable cultural experiences, and even be wowed by the different historical architectural sights. You can enjoy your drink as you try out many snacks that the locals here have to offer. Visit Triana for authentic flamenco show as you stay in the ideally located servile apartments.

8. San Sebastian

Travelling through all the cities in Spain can be tiring for many. If you are looking to relax and spend some time basking in the sun, try the tasty Donostia, or even get a massage, then San Sebastian is where you need to go. There are also numerous beaches and spas here ranging from Playa de La Concha, La Perla spa, etc. There are also plenty of places to stay here too.

9. Mallorca

Whether you are looking to splash the money or spend on a budget, you’ll find Palma de Mallorca and Magaluf appealing. Beach clubs in Mallorca, however, have a more expensive touch and price, while those in Magaluf are friendly to your wallet. You could, however, choose to experience both of the worlds as well. This is a chance of a lifetime you don’t want to miss.

10. Tenerife

Tenerife is one of the top destinations for those looking for more relaxed scenes and experiences. Try out the university town La laguna in the north and capital Santa Cruz if you wish to relax. You could also head to the south to Los Cristiano’s and Las Americas which are livelier than the northern parts of the island. You never have to worry about a hotel here, as there are plenty of rental apartments at your disposal.