10 Tips You Can Follow to Improve Your Online Business Marketing

This article will discuss ten tips that you can implement to improve how you market your business. This is just a start though, to get even more value from your marketing efforts appoint one of the many uk seo companies specialising in internet marketing. 

1. Does your website address have the symbol of a padlock next to the page address?

If it does not, it means that you do not have a security certificate and as such, google can penalise your site by making it appear lower in the search results. You can get a security certificate for your website by getting in touch with your internet service provider. This certificate costs between £50–£100.

2. In this day and age, you should ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

Most businesses have made their sites easy to access on handheld gadgets and you should do the same. Consult your web developer if you want to make your web page more mobile-friendly. To know if your web page can be used easily on handheld devices, you can go to

3. Does your enterprise have a Facebook page and if so, is it verified?

Pages that are verified are considered to be more authentic by prospective customers. If you want to get your page verified, you can go to If your enterprise does not already have a page on Facebook, you are missing out on the myriad benefits of social media marketing.

4. Are your business contacts presented in the same way across multiple online platforms?

This may sound insignificant but Google bots like seeing details (email, phone number, address etc.) on the same business presented consistently across the web. Google your business and check your contact details. If there are any updates needed, make them.

5. Ensure that you complete all the platforms your business uses for digital marketing thoroughly.

It is common to only fill out partial information at first and leave the rest of the details for later but most people end up forgetting to update their profiles. Check out all your online marketing profiles such as Twitter and LinkedIn and fill out any details you may have left out.

6. Keep up with trends easily.

To keep up with the latest trends in the market, ensure that you get information on your competitors and industry delivered to your inbox regularly. You can do this using the Google Alerts Service.

7. Ensure that you stay updated on the latest GDPR laws.

This is the only way you can know how they affect your business and industry. You can find sensible guidance and tips from posts from the ICO at

8. You can ensure that you stand out when prospective customers search for the services you are offering on Google.

To do this, you can use Google My Business tools to make the requisite changes on your profile, receive reviews from customers and post useful content to your page. To take advantage of these tools, visit

9. Half of the content on the internet is accessed through mobile devices.

The speed of your business website can affect the ranking that you are given by Google. Consider taking a mobile speed test to understand your site speed so that you make plans on how to improve your site performance. To do this, go to

10. Constantly engage your clients.

You can do this by constantly providing content that adds value to your clients. Find some time and discuss the success of your business. When doing this, focus on the value that your business provides as opposed to how the value is achieved. Additionally, do not be afraid to ask people to give glowing reviews on multiple web platforms.