6 Tips to Help You Ace the HGV Licence Test

If you are thinking of becoming professionally licensed as a driver of heavy goods vehicles, you have probably been searching the web for information on the qualifications you need and the tests you need to take to get a licence. By now, you probably know that you will need to get a lot of training and pass multiple tests before acquiring a Driver CPC or Class 2 Licence. To get a licence to operate these vehicles, you have to take and pass both the theory and practical tests. In past posts, we have offered tips on how you can pass the theory part of the HGV licence test. In this post, we will feature some useful tips on how you can pass the practical HGV licence test.

1. Stay Up to Date on Basic HGV Driving Skills

When training to be a driver, you definitely received in-depth training on how to operate heavy goods vehicles. Though you may think you remember all the skills imparted by trainers, it is easy to forget some critical basic things over time. Prior to taking the practical test, it would be best if you brushed up on all the basic training you received. For example, remind yourself of the things you should do before operating the vehicle such as adjusting all the mirrors and checking all vehicle controls. Though these things may seem insignificant to you, your tester can get a good impression of you if you do everything by the book.

2. Rest Well before the Test

It is very easy to make mistakes during a test if you do not have optimal physical and mental health. For example, if you are hungry or tired, your chances of making mistakes usually increase exponentially. In the days leading up to the test, ensure that you are following a healthy diet. Further, on the night before the test, sleep for at least 8 hours so that you are refreshed and ready to tackle all the obstacles that will be thrown your way.

3. Ensure You Are Dressed Comfortably

When being trained as a driver, you were no doubt informed on the most appropriate types of clothing that a driver should wear. To ensure that you are not distracted by uncomfortable clothing, ensure that you wear the right of clothes. You may gain some points if the tester notices that you are wearing clean and appropriate driving attire.

4. Ensure You Are Not Distracted during the Test

One of the major cause of accidents on the roads happens to be distracted drivers. During the test, you can ensure that you are more focused by leaving behind any materials that can distract you. For example, ensure that you turn off your phone and leave behind any electronic gadgets. If you are focused, you will be able to concentrate and give the test your best effort.

5. Prepare for the Test in Advance

Like all other aspects and situations in life, you are best positioned to succeed in the HGV licence test if you have adequately prepared for it. As such, it is best to brush up on the highway code and also read all materials that may give you an edge in the test. It is also best to visit the test area so that you can understand the lay of the land and know what to expect in advance. By familiarising yourself with what may be come up on the test, you can shake off any nervousness and shore up your chances of success in the test.

6. Practise All Manoeuvres Which May Be Tested

When it comes to any type of test, practice makes perfect. Through practising, you will be more confident when asked to perform different tasks by the examiner. Ensure that you practise how to reverse, accelerate and park the vehicle. Additionally, it is advisable that you practise in different environments so that you are ready for any situation and scenario on the actual test day.

Taking the HGV licence test can be a nerve-racking affair that requires you to muster all the skills you have received during training. At our HGV Training Centre, we work towards imparting all the requisite skills and advice that you need to ace your tests and get your licence. To know more about how we can make your dream of acquiring the HGV licence a reality, get in touch with our team at Surrey and Hampshire HGV training today.