What is the 11 Plus?

What is the 11 Plus?

If you don’t know what this exam is which is also referred to as Eleven Plus, 11+, or grammar test, this article is going to let you know. It comes in different names, so don’t get confused. Whether you think you know it or you don’t know it, the guide is going to provide you with this information so you can have an easier time with the process. If you are trying to find the best of the best 11 plus mock exams Buckinghamshire then please see here.

This is a selective entrance exam that year 6 pupils take. This test used to be compulsory for all children up until the early 1970s when it changed and became optional. This test is now used by those in areas that have selective independent schools and grammar schools to identify the academic potential and ability of the pupils. England has over 160 grammar schools. Northern Ireland officially disbanded the test in 2008, but there are ‘ex-grammar schools’ that are still using the Transfer Test to select by ability.

Does the exam have a pass rate?

The pass rate is going to vary from one place to another. There are some popular that see as many as thirty applicants competing to get one place, and the pass rate is going to be different. There are also different exam boards administering these tests, and they can have different pass rates. You can easily find information about the exam from the school so you can put your mind at ease.

What sort of test can I expect my child to take?

11 Plus exams have four main subjects tested: non-verbal reasoning, verbal reasoning, English, and Math. The combination of these subjects will vary from one grammar school to another. This is the same case for the length of exams and the layout of papers. Your child might have to do all of these subjects or do a combination of a couple of them.

Do children sit for more than one examination?

There are some that will have more than one round of testing, especially the most selective grammar schools. The majority of their 11 Plus exams include more than one paper; the papers can be separate and have breaks between them and can be done on the same day. There are some that are going to give the test over a few days. There are some schools that are part of a consortium, and the child is going to take the set of exams and if they succeed, they can go ahead and apply to a group of grammar schools. If you plan on applying to multiple grammar schools that aren’t a consortium, then they might have to do several sets of exams.

Private tutors are good when it comes to the subjects they have specialized in – just the same way a teacher would be good at the one subject they have specialized in. They are going to tutor every child then do an assessment to see the areas they are having a problem with.

Children having a hard time can benefit a lot from having a private tutor. This could be an area or problem they are not getting good teaching in. A tutor is going to ensure that the pupils understand the different areas. Pupils who struggle can get a personalized education that has been specifically tailored to their needs.